In case you didn’t guess from visiting my website, I’m a big fan of music. Playing music, writing music, eating music, I’m down for it all. You can check out some of my own music in the youtube videos below, or on the soundcloud widget to the side over there on the right of the page. The programmatic descriptions of  each composition may or may not be true. Hope you all enjoy!

Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra Volume III: Revenge and Variations – Title self-explanatory.

Dippin Dots: Ice Cream of the Future! – A tragic love story about two dippin dots lost in a sea of other dots, trying in vain to find each other again after one magical moment. Also, it’s in the future.

Was It a Car or a Cat I Saw? – A young blind woman (played by Emma Boroson on vocals) goes to big city to get a revolutionary new surgery that lets her see. There are complications, however, from a previous head injury that create a disassociation between her spatial reasoning and her newfound sensory input that make it difficult for her to tell the difference between cars and cats. This leads to the unfortunate early demise of her cat Elvis when she attempts to drive him down the freeway.

The World Feels Dusty (Arrangement of Aaron Copland Art Song) – A contemporary re-imagining of Aaron Copland’s setting of Emily Dickinson’s poem, The World Feels Dusty. Instead of a melancholy rumination on water and death, it’s a melancholy rumination on water and fun! The narrator (played by Emma Boroson on vocals) is a clown at a super crazy fun awesome water park called Adventure Water World! where kids get to laugh and play, and not worry about the crushing and inevitable advance of master time into the future abyss.

Exceptional Quality is Why Ticonderoga Is the World’s Best Pencil! – A vicious debate in the writing implement manufacturing industry between Dixon Ticonderoga and Bic has caused all out riots in the street. Houses are burning, people are looting, general chaos ensues. Through the bedlam, a lone warrior climbs a telephone pole next to a street littered with the cadavers of fallen foes and comrades to shout out, “Exceptional Quality is Why Ticonderoga Is the World’s Best Pencil!” He then is stabbed in the back with a BIC pen by a shadowy assassin.

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously – A story of an inexperienced and, unfortunately, rather dull and nondescript group of ideas in the head of Noam Chomsky that are deadly serious about napping.


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