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This Spring has been quite the exciting time for me. First, inside//outside came out, and got some nifty reviews on a few blogs (like here, sweet!). We’re planning an east coast tour right now, which culminates in a July 16th gig at Nublu in the East Village, which is going to be REALLY fun. We’ll be digging into all of the electronic trappings we’ve been working with, so it’ll be fun stretching out and seeing what we can do with the music.

Speaking of electronic trappings, check out this video I did with singer Justina Soto a few weeks ago. We did kind of a lo-fi cover of James Blake’s Retrograde, and I got to use a 1991 Casio Rapman toy piano, which actually had some really good sounds on it.

Justina and I also just released a few videos and recordings from our recent jazz project, a super stripped down bass/vocal set where we recorded on a rooftop in Bushwick overlooking Manhattan. We hired Jake Ramos to do the videography, and recorded it ourselves, and considering the fact that I have absolutely no cred as a recording engineer and that it was on a noisy rooftop in Brooklyn, I think it ended up sounding really good. Here’s one of the three tracks.

I’ve been playing now for going on a year as the bass player in Will and Anthony Nunziata‘s band, and it’s been a blast. We had a gig in Chesire, CT, as well as one the other week in Atlantic City at the showroom of the Casino Resorts Hotel. We’ve been doing a whole bunch of standards and old American songbook stuff, which has been great fun to dig into. It’s funny, as soon as I stopped studying jazz at the institutional level, I started getting really into it. Here’s a promotional video from our latest hit in Atlantic City.

I’ve also been doing a fair amount of recording. I recorded Whitney Wolf and Scott Mehus’ indie/pop/rock project, Raised by Wolves this past week, and I can’t wait to see what they end up doing with it! I also went in and recorded Christine P LG’s album in March, and from what I’ve heard of it so far, it’s pretty killer pop music. I’ve been playing with Christine for two years now, and the music we play with her band just gets better and better and tighter and tighter. We did a live set at Spin in Gramercy of her stuff, which was a great exercise in playing to tracks, doing sidechain compression/gating to a drummer’s kick drum, and putting on a tight and well-rehearsed pop show. The venue’s sound system was not cut out for what we were trying to do, but it still worked out pretty well.

I also finally updated my performances page where you can see where I’m performing next. I have a couple of awesome shows happening in the next few weeks, so if you’re in NYC, stop by and hang!



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