Bass in the City

Howdy everybody, Adam here with another update, it’s been about a month since the last one. Here’s what’s new and wild from the untamed wilds of Brooklyn, NY…

The L Train 

From our humble beginnings playing on subway platforms to our current ongoing Sunday night residency at Spike Hill, the L Train is still going strong. The L Train is a rock/roots/country trio I run that is a nice laboratory for learning how to sing lead and background vocals as well as learning how to put on a kickass rock show. Recently we played at Spike Hill’s Americana Festival and much fun was had by all. Here is a video of us playing a hard rock version of Skip James’ Hard Time Killing Floor blues from that show.

Christine & the Bad News 

I’ve been playing with Christine since moving to New York nearly a year ago, and finally things are taking off with her band. In addition to a spiffy new website (that I designed, yay!) we recently played a couple of awesome gigs, one at Fontana’s in the Lower East Side, and one at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ, the sister bar to the Stone Pony. Really fun stuff. Here’s a rough stab at a new song “Scattered Ashes” recorded at Fontana’s featuring Ilana Friedman on background vocals.

Jessica Pomerantz

Jessica is another artist I’ve worked with since moving, and she’s been able to play and get gigs at some really awesome places in the city and elsewhere, which has been an absolute blast. We recently got to play at the Mercury Lounge, and have a second date booked at Mexicali Live coming up in August (we played there once before in February). Stay tuned for the videos from the Mercury Lounge!

The Rock Rebel Rising

I’ve been playing a couple gigs with this metal band, the Rock Rebel Rising, and it’s fun as hell! I get to flail around and bash the strings in drop C. Check out the unison headbang at 2:45 in this video. A friend calls the splitting neck pain you suffer the next from doing this sort of thing a “bangover.”

Fire Dean

Along with percussionist/drummer extraordinaire Shawn Crowder, I recently recorded bass for singer/songwriter Fire Dean’s upcoming album. He has quite a distinctive lyrical style, and it was really interesting and enlightening working with him to record the tracks. I got to even record a little bit of guitar, which was great fun as well.

The Whiskey Boys

The Whiskey Boys are hands down my favorite contemporary/traditional Irish/Bluegrass/Folk guitar/fiddle duo of all time, and I’ve gotten to play a couple more gigs with them in the past month both in Boston and in New York. I’m going up to Boston in early August to record their new album, Crescent Moon, (with Shawn also) and am super psyched for that.

Anyway, that’s a rap of the highlights of the past month or so, it was a busy June, and it’s only going to be a busier July (and thank God for that!) I updated my performance calendar recently along with artist links, so be sure to check that out to see where I’m playing next.




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