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Occasionally I get enough courage to google myself and see what other things are on the internet that mention my name, and I always get a kick out of what I find. Humbling (humiliating? haha) to say the least, but it’s actually a great joy to read about people who get inspired by what I teach on the HaVIC5 YouTube channel and what I play. It’s also great to find other miscellaneous things too, perhaps not music related. Here’s a few things I found on the googles…

1. Ugly Bass Face Blog Tag: Adam Neely

An entire page devoted to me! Sorta, haha. This is just a collection of tagged posted from a guy who runs a really well-written blog about his self-study of bass. I can’t find anywhere on his blog to compliment him, but he really has some nice insights. He found a couple of my videos on ergonomics on youtube helpful and put them up there. Check out the non-Adam Neely-related parts of his blog too.

2. NoTreble Feature – God Bless the Child

I remember finding this at one point in the past and now I came across it again…man…my chord solo chops have improved a lot since this. Oh well, still nice to have the web buzz.

3. Basso Ridiculoso – Autumn Leaves and Practicing Major 7 Arpeggios

More reposts of my videos from a bass blog, this stuff is cool just because I get called “ridiculoso.” Anytime the word “ridiculous” is part of a portmanteau, I approve.

4. Review of 48-hour film festival entry “9 Blocks”

So 4 years ago, me and a bunch of high school friends wrote, shot and edited a short film in 48 hours in Richmond as part of the “48 hour film festival” held every year. My name was attached to the producer role, even though all I did basically was write the music, but hey, I can take a compliment. We ended up winning the “Audience Award” that year by a landslide, and none of the judges awards. Screw them. Here’s the video.

5. I fire a gun in the US Senate and it’s OK!

Haha, this is a newspaper article about a senate hearing I participated in where I demonstrated Time Crisis in a Senate hearing on violence in video games when I was 13. I met a bunch of old white men that day including Joe Lieberman.

6. Proof of the Wikiality

I once edited a wikipedia article to say that I wrote the song “American Boy” by Estelle along with my buddy Mark. This apparently happened.

Good times, good times….


4 Responses to “Around the Net”

  1. 1 Kim July 9, 2011 at 4:30 am

    ok, #6 just made me bust a gut.

  2. 2 vishalicious November 3, 2011 at 7:05 am

    Hey, I’m the ugly guy from Ugly Bass Face. 😉 Your videos have helped me a lot while trying to understand which end of my bass is the pointy one. I’m really honored that you like my blog. I just came across your mention of it after not practicing for almost 4 months – but I’m back on the horse for 6 weeks now, and I’m following your writing and videos as well!

    If you ever do want to leave a message, some folks have done so on the About Me page on the blog… if you’d like to correct or offer advice on anything I’ve written, feel free as well. All of the blog posts have (sadly underused) comment areas.

    Take care!

  3. 3 varun January 25, 2012 at 8:04 am

    #3 video doesnt work anymore :-/

  1. 1 Adam Neely linked to my Ugly blog on his pretty one! « Ugly Bass Face Trackback on November 3, 2011 at 6:56 am

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