Angry Music!

Recently I had a piece of mine, Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra Volume III – Revenge and Variations performed by the Manhattan School of Music Concert Jazz orchestra, and different from all the other times that I’ve heard my pieces performed, it was actually rehearsed! By kickass players! Way cool. It’s the third part in a….lets say 5 movement suite of angry music for big band that I’m in the process of writing for this summer, where I hope to get the ball rolling on running a big band of my own, which seems like a cool idea, so why not. It definitely represents a weird for my music that already was pretty weird to begin with, but it’s loud and angry and that’s really all you need in music anyway. Enjoy!

In other news, I’ve been playing a lot with my roommates, also Berklee guys, in the subways for money as a way to stave off getting a real job for the time being. We’re also starting to get cover gigs as the trio, which is really odd, because I never saw my self in a giggin country band singing three part harmony. Weird! Also, cool. Check it out (talk about a change of pace from the last video).

Anyway, hope you enjoy one or the other video offering.




2 Responses to “Angry Music!”

  1. 1 Jack Nurling March 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Excellent, Adam! Thanks.

    Angry music, indeed! A fantastic technical recording, as well. While listening to it, I marveled at the headroom. I set the volume levels and walked out to tend to household business. It was excellent! I know I am using a lot of ‘!’ points. But, if I may ask, how was this achieved? Obviously, no compression, thank you very much!

    Adam, thank you for this ‘angry music’; just listening to it dispelled some of the wandering anger in my heart. (well, how about another ‘!’?) Yeah.

    Folsom Prison: I had fun listening to it. Nice and up-tempo… You obviously had fun playing and singing. Any busking tips for us hoi polli? (all my recent paying playing projects have fallen apart… I might have to hitchhike to a city and just BUSK! or starve…)

    Thanks again…


  2. 2 Jack Nurling March 4, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    (I almost forgot:) !

    Thanks again…


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