It’s looking more and more like this blog will be more of an “update” stream rather than a full-on blog.  This way the main page of the site will be kept relatively uncluttered and I’ll be able to keep the masses informed of my goings-on. Hooray! Clarity! I’ll still post the occasional whacked-out theory/compositional thing, of course, but I’m going to be creating several sub-sections of the site to link to from the main page just so I don’t scare off any casual passer-by.

Anyway, the new-composition-a-day challenge has been going nicely so far – we’re up to day 7. I’ve created a separate page for all of the new compositions so they don’t clutter the main page that you can check out here. So far so good, lets hope I can keep it up, and continue to maintain some semblance of sanity.

I’ve updated the videos/music section of the website to include various programmatic descriptions of my compositions, and also created a separate page for my “Practicing Arpeggios” series, which was featured on MarloweDK’s totally awesome bass lesson website,, on which I’m a guest instructor. I know I’ve linked to that website in the past, but check it out if you haven’t been over there yet.

I’ve been starting to work with some really killer singer-songwriters out in Brooklyn, contributing my chiseled good looks, my bass playing and the occasional arrangement or two. Here’s me playing with Christine & The Bad News at Caffe Vivaldi the other evening. I’m playing with Christine PLG (voice/songwriter), Shawn Crowder (cajon, shaker), Elliott Klein (guitar) and Nick Petrillo (piano). Enjoy!


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Welcome to Adam Neely's blog/website. Check out his compositions, links, and information about lessons on the top bar, and enjoy the music!

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