New-composition-a-day #1

In the waning hours of New Years Day 2011, surfing mindlessly through the never-ending source of wiki distractions that is, I had an idea for a New Years resolution – what if I wrote and recorded a new composition every day for the entirety of 2011? This was at 10:23, mind you, so if I was to actually do it, the creative juices would have to start flowing immediately. I then remembered how I made the exact same resolution last year around the exact same time, and got through about six days of composing before I said “screw it” and went and practiced bass instead. At about 10:24, I realized how impossible the task would be, and so instead decided to modify the challenge to take place just in the scope of January. This too, seems like a ridiculous and likely not possible goal given my busy schedule already, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Here’s what I ended up with for day #1 (actually, yesterday, but I finished before midnight, so whatever).


It’s really not that inspired at all, and pretty schizophrenic with how it jumps from idea to idea, but who knows, there might be something worth keeping. I was experimenting a little bit with some polytonal textures, like that whole “C Melodic Minor over Bb” thing, and those triplet Fmaj7 things over the C minor pentatonic bassline. Nifty.

Anyway, in other news, this guy is insanely awesome.


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