It’s Gonna Rain

Contrary to my apparently no-so-deeply-held convictions against chord scales, I’ve started a YouTube lessons series on the very subject. I felt that I should at least explain some of the better ideas of chord scales, and preface the entire series with a massive disclaimer – no, they won’t make you t3h awesome shredlord. I also invented some handy jargon – “Heirarchy of Chord Sounds” – which I think I’ll be using a lot in the future as a theoretical tool and a teaching device. We’ll see how it goes over.

Chord Scale Series

Oh, this reminds me, I revamped the Lessons section on the website so it’s a little more streamlined and includes all of my YouTube lessons. Looking through it, I realized I have very little content for people with less experience, so I’ll try and get some more beginner type stuff up on the youtubez shortly. It’s hard, though, since there are so many great resources out there for beginning theory and performance out there. I quite frankly don’t know what else I would have to add! I’ll think of something, though.

On a related note…


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