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So if you were among the two people who have kept up with my blogging here, you would have read all about my attempts at creating a nifty new system of harmony (I, II, III, IV, etc). I ran out of steam when I realized a couple things. One, the kind of harmonic techniques I was using created way too dense a texture to really be useful except in small doses. At some point it all just “sounds like harmony.” Two, and more importantly, although the harmonies and harmonic techniques I was coming up with sounded cool, I couldn’t really connect with the music I was making with them. Perhaps I was approaching the theoretical concepts from too academic an angle, or maybe I was focused too much on the harmonic applications of the modes to see some of the other aspects. Basically, I got bored with it, and moved on to other things.

However, I did compose an etude on gradational modulation, and got the lovely Emma Boroson to read it down for me (she wants me to let everybody know that its just a rough read down, although it sounds pretty darn good for a reading recording) Here it is.

Meditation (Recording)

Meditation (Score)

It’s…interesting I guess? I took a rather liberal interpretation of the technical guidelines I established on what exactly constitutes gradational modulation. With four voices, it’s pretty impossible to create fully-fledged modal voicings, and so often the individual harmonies have to “represent” modes within the framework of the system. I personally like how this sounds far better than a constant barrage of thick harmony, and lets the harmonies “melt” into one another far more easily. You still get the impression of a lot of “harmony,” but its tempered, and other aspects of the composition can come through a lot more.

I was considering doing a full on analysis of all of the changes of chord/modes and the specifics with the voicings I chose, but I think that there’s enough actual music in this composition that I don’t need to go through all of that. Plus, I’m lazy, so there we go.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed.




1 Response to “AHM – Music!”

  1. 1 catefneely April 29, 2010 at 2:41 am

    I love this. I must admit that my eyes crossed following your analysis, but with the score in front of me it made more sense. Other wise it’s like following Icelandic script.

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